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Easily import networks from MediaWikis with the newly updated WikiImporter forNodeXL (For information about NodeXL, see:

Project Description
The MediaWiki importer for NodeXL extracts social networks from common Wiki pages to reveal the connected structure of interactions among editors.


  • Insert a seed article which you want to parse
  • Insert the wiki domain URL where the article is found
  • Select the attributes you want to download
  • Check which type of network you want to download
          - The Hyperlink Coauthorship network will analyze all the links found in the seed article and create         an edge between each user that edited the article found in that link and the article
          - The Category Coauthorship network will analyze all the categories that the seed article belongs           to and will create an edge between each user that edited the articles in this category and the               article.
  • Check the appropriate option for you and click Download

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